ANTH 4306/6306 Anthropology of Borders



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Higher Education


Interview with Angelina Gonzalez exploring the experiences of UTRGV students with mathematics in higher education. Rivera investigates the potential impact of incorporating Borderlands people's funds of knowledge into mathematical courses, moving beyond a purely theoretical approach. Gonzalez reflects on her upbringing in the Rio Grande Valley, her educational journey, and her experiences with mathematics at UTRGV. She discusses the challenges of transitioning from high school to college-level mathematics, noting the disconnect between her cultural background and the content taught in classes. Gonzalez expresses support for math courses that incorporate cultural references, suggesting it would enhance understanding and accessibility for students, particularly those whose first language is Spanish. The interview concludes with Gonzalez proposing a math problem integrating border culture, highlighting the potential for culturally relevant mathematics education to foster engagement and comprehension among students.

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Interview with Angelina Gonzalez