ANTH 4306/6306 Anthropology of Borders



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Interview with Dominique Villarreal, a native of Rio Grande City, Starr County. Dominique reflects on her journey from her hometown to pursuing higher education and eventually becoming an attorney. She discusses her initial uncertainty about career paths, her experiences working in various roles, and her eventual decision to attend law school. Dominique also shares memories of her childhood, emphasizing the positive aspects of growing up near the border, while also acknowledging the challenges and worries her family faced due to their proximity to the river. Throughout the interview, she highlights the influence of mentors and teachers in shaping her aspirations and identity. Additionally, Dominique addresses the intersection of her Latina identity with her professional endeavors, particularly in navigating a predominantly male field like law. Her narrative presents themes of resilience, cultural identity, and the importance of community support in pursuing one's goals.

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Interview with Dominique Villarreal


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