ANTH 4306/6306 Anthropology of Borders



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The interview with Lee Zyrus Hernandez explores the potential impact of incorporating Borderlands culture into higher-level mathematics education. Rivera seeks to understand if a practical approach, utilizing the cultural knowledge of Borderlands people, could enhance students' experiences with mathematical courses like college algebra and calculus at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV). Hernandez, a student with a background in applied statistics and data science, reflects on his experiences with math education, including dual enrollment courses and studies in New York and Atlanta. He discusses the lack of cultural relatability in his math education and expresses support for incorporating Borderlands culture into word problems to attract more students to mathematics. Additionally, Hernandez discusses the potential benefits of offering math courses in Spanish to overcome language barriers. The interview concludes with Hernandez creating a probability problem integrating Borderlands culture. This research aims to contribute to the Border Studies Archive at UTRGV, shedding light on innovative approaches to math education in the Borderlands region.

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Interview with Lee Zyrus Hernandez