Jesus Bazán and Antonio Longoria Marker Dedication Ceremony

Recording of speakers - Poem -

Recording of speakers - Poem - "The Old Windmills/Los Papalotes" by Norma Longoria Rodriguez read by Roberto Luis Rodriguez




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Poem dedicated to Norma Rodriguez's grandfather Antonio Longoria and her great-grandfather, Jesus Bazán. "Their work is done. Outcasts they stand there still in hidden valleys, on the plains, and prairies in the piney woods, amongst the chaparral and on the fringes of suburbia. Mostly they are silent and forgotten. But when the wind blows, the broken blades groan and the decrypt towers of wood or steel sway and wail like coughing or lament. They were once the lighthouses of authorities. Rising above oceans of grass, cactus, or wildflowers, unlike the evil giants that tormented Don Quixote. These soaring skeletal structures signal the welcome oasis for man and beast. Though assaulted by time, they stand stoic like ghostly battle-weary knights with tarnished armor. Abandoned relics of the last century, they linger precariously on the landscape. Mute witnesses of secrets from long ago."

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Recording of speakers - Poem -


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