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Ernesto Gomez (On behalf of Uribe-Shears family), 1945 - 1946


Ernesto Gomez (On behalf of Uribe-Shears family), 1945 - 1946





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Latin American History


File 1: William Shears (grandfather); taken in Brownsville, Texas. 12.5" x 11.5"

File 2: Left to right: Sofia Shears-Franklin, Tomasita Shears ; taken in Brownsville, Texas. 12.5" x 11.5"

File 3: 3 photographs; family portraits, Sophia Shears Franklin, Tomasita Shears Franklin.

File 4 (2 parts): 6 photographs; family portraits.

File 5 (2 parts): 9 photographs; family portraits

File 6 (2 parts): 6 photographs; family portraits, exterior architecture of house in Brownsville, Texas.

File 7 (2 parts): 8 photographs; family portraits.

File 8 (2 parts): 8 photographs; family portraits, La Popular corner store on 12th St. and Adams St. in Brownsville, Texas.

File 9 (2 parts): 9 photographs; Posing for Charro Days, William's son at Matamoros plaza, Beti at South Padre Island, crossing the Rio Grande on boat, walking in front of Brownsville's Post Office, and Charlie Gonzales Shears.

File 10 (2 parts): 3 photographs; largest photograph of Rosario Uribe-Gomez (names in caption), Lola and her first communion.

File 11 (3 parts): 4 photographs; Mary Ellen Gomez (Rosario's daughter); Nora Benavidez (Rosario's daughter) (names in caption); additional single photo of Tomasita Shears (first communion and Rosario's mother).

File 12 (2 parts): 4 photographs; dressed up child cowboy on pony, rest are self-portraits, one says Sophie in caption.

File 13 (2 parts): 7 photographs; a friend of the family Minnie Mo, baby, Orive sisters in Monterrey, Orive residence in Brownsville, Texas, Sherman 1945.

File 14 (2 parts): 2 photographs; Tony Tamayo and Ofelia Uribe-Tamayo (1946 wedding picture; names in caption) and when they're older.

File 15: File does not exist.

File 16 (2 parts): 6 photographs; Mexican passport of Antonio Uribe in front; immigration card of Antonio Uribe-Hinojosa in back.

File 17 (2 parts): Baptism document in front; 2 images of Charro Days in back.

File 18 (2 parts): 8 photographs; top photo: two men walking by downtown Brownsville, bottom photo: Tomasita Shears feeding turkeys.

File 19 (2 parts): Stock certificate for Merchants National Bank.

File 20 (2 parts): 9 photographs; A Barrel of Love picture, Floral arrangement store, Mexicans on horseback with guns.

File 21 (2 parts): 16 photographs; circus family (friends of Shears family).

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Ernesto Gomez (On behalf of Uribe-Shears family), 1945 - 1946


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