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Porfiria Canul, 1850 - 1977


Porfiria Canul, 1850 - 1977





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Latin American History | Urban Studies and Planning


File 1: James Henry Klahn; grandfather; Brownsville Marshall; County Judge; taken in the late 1800's. 2.5" x 4"

File 2: Paternal great grandfather, Henry James Klahn; moved to Galveston, Texas from Germany; taken in 1858 at Brownsville, Texas., 1858. 6.5" x 4.2"

File 3: Obituary of Henry James' daughter, Sara Klahn; written on 1954. 8" x 11"

File 4: 1850 census document from Cameron, Starr, and Webb counties; page 321.

File 5: Brownsville Herald newspaper clip from 7/7/1892; Samuel James Klahn, chief of police and city officers. 8.1" x 11"

File 6: Portrait of Samuel James Klahn conductor of Brownsville Street and Interurban Railway (Brownsville Street & Interurban Railroad) electric trolley train; taken in 1915; Morales Studio in Brownsville, Texas. 8" x 3.8"

File 7: Samuel James Klahn's birth certificate; documented on 1893 at Brownsville, Texas. 8.5" x 7.4"

File 8: Samuel James Klahn's certificate of baptism; documented on 5/9/1895 at Brownsville, Texas. 5.5" x 8.5"

File 9: Samuel James Klahn's death certificate; documented on 3/26/1964 at Brownsville, Texas. 9.25" x 7.5"

File 10: Samuel James Klahn's wife, Maria Antonia Barbosa, birth certificate; documented on 6/22/1957 at Brownsville, Texas. H. D. Seago, county clerk. 8.5" x 7.4"

File 11: Elva Klahn Mendez, Porfiria Klahn Canul, Maria Barbosa Klahn, Samuel James Klahn; taken in 1951 at Brownsville, Texas. 7" x 5"

File 12: Maria B. Klahn's death certificate; documented on 8/23/1977 at Santa Maria, Texas. 9.2" x 7.5"

File 13: Muralla House, family home. Backside Porfiria Klahn, 3rd from the left; taken in 1918, 1940, in Brownsville, Texas.

File 14: Porfiria Klahn sitting on Klahn's transfer truck; taken on 1942; in Brownsville, Texas. 4.8" x 3"

File 15: Samuel Klahn standing at truck door moving day at Buena Vida Housing Project; taken in 1942 at Brownsville, Texas. (Not available) 6" x 3"

File 16: Samual Klahn and Porfira Klahn on her graduation day; graduated from Santa Maria High School; taken on 1939 in Santa Maria, Texas. 3" x 4"

File 17: 7 photographs; entrance to Palm Blvd (Los Ebanos arch); Samuel J. Klahn in front of Klahn's Flower shop; Samuel Klan; Samuel Klahn in front of meat market and Houston Paving company; taken on 1949, 1943; in Brownsville, Texas.

File 18: Samuel and Maria Klahn in their flower shop on 12th street; taken in 1952; at Brownsville, Texas. 8" x 10"

File 19: 6 photographs; Samuel and Maria Klahn's flower shop; baby photographs; taken in 1949; at Brownsville, Texas.

File 20: 5 photographs; Samuel J. Klahn; Brownsville and Matamoros Gateway bridge; graduation; taken in 1960's; at Brownsville, Texas.

File 21: 3 photographs of Paula Barbosa Perez, Ellia Chapa, Celia Chapa, baby Belia Chapa; Boca Chica Beach; Samuel J. Klahn and his sisters; taken in 1949; at Brownsville, Texas.

File 22: 6 photographs belonging to Porfiria Klahn with friends and family members; taken in 1930's; at Brownsville, Texas.

File 23: Baseball team city league sponsored by Samuel James Klahn; taken in 1920's, in Brownsville, Texas. 5.5" x 3.5"

File 24: Porfiria Klahn; Jr. High Graduation; 13 years old; taken in 1935; in Brownsville, Texas. 4" x 3"

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Porfiria Canul, 1850 - 1977


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