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Cancer cells almost universally harbor constitutively active Phosphatidylinositol-3 Kinase (PI3K) Pathway ac-tivity via mutation of key signaling components and/or epigenetic mechanisms. Scores of PI3K Pathway in-hibitors are currently under investigation as putative chemotherapeutics. However, feedback and stem cell mechanisms induced by PI3K Pathway inhibition can lead to reduced treatment efficacy. To address therapeutic barriers, we examined whether JAKi would reduce stem gene expression in a setting of PI3K Pathway inhibition in order to improve treatment efficacy. We targeted the PI3K Pathway with NVP-BEZ235 (dual PI3K and mTOR inhibitor) in combination with the Janus Kinase inhibitor JAKi in glioblastoma (GBM) and basal-like breast cancer (BBC) cell lines. We examined growth, gene expression, and apoptosis in cells treated with NVP-BEZ235 and/or JAKi. Growth and recovery assays showed no significant impact of dual treatment with NVP-BEZ235/ JAKi compared to NVP-BEZ235 treatment alone. Gene expression and flow cytometry revealed that single and dual treatments induced apoptosis. Stem gene expression was retained in dual NVP-BEZ235/JAKi treatment samples. Future in vivo studies may give further insight into the impact of combined NVP-BEZ235/JAKi treat-ment in GBM and BBC.


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