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Trichomes are the epidermal appendages commonly observed on plant surfaces including leaves, stem and fruits. Plant trichomes have been well studied as a structural plant defence designed to protect plants against abiotic and biotic stressors such as UV rays, temperature extremities and herbivores. Trichomes are primarily classified into glandular and non-glandular trichomes, based on the presence or absence of a glandular head. The plant genus Solanum is the largest genus of family Solanaceae that houses ~3500 species of ecological and economic importance have a diverse set of trichomes that vary in density and morphology. However, due to the incomplete and contradictory classification system, trichomes have subjective names and have been largely limited to be grouped into glandular or non-glandular types. Through this study, we did a complete workup to classify and characterize trichomes on both adaxial and abaxial leaf surface of 14 wild and domesticated species of the genus Solanum. Using electron microscopy, statistical analyses and artistic rendition, we examined finer details of trichomes and measured their density and dimensions to compile a detailed data set which can be of use for estimating the variation in trichome types, and their density, with consequences for understanding their functional roles. Our study is the first of its kind that provides us with a better and well-defined classification, density and dimension analysis to complete the morphological classification of trichomes on both leaf surfaces of a diverse range of members in Solanum genus.


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