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The effects of five differently-colored sticky traps in capturing adult Diaphorina citri were evaluated in citrus orchards. Trap catches of D. citri were monitored fortnightly on blue, green, red, white and yellow sticky cards placed on three citrus varieties during D. citri active flight period from April to July in south Texas. Evaluation of mean trap catches of each color by repeated measures analysis of variance produced three separate groups: yellow traps caught significantly more D. citri adults than the other four traps; red and green traps caught significantly more D. citri than blue and white traps, which were not significantly different. Although the number of adult psyllid captured on all trap types significantly increased with time during the trapping period, the performance of traps did not change with time. Trap catches were also significantly influenced by the citrus species; traps placed on lemon trees captured more D. citri than those placed on sweet orange and grapefruit, suggesting that plant preference exhibited by D. citri may influence the performance of traps. The ratio of trap reflectance between the 680 to 700 nm and the 450 nm was significantly correlated with total trap catches in all host species studied. Thus, this index was a good indicator of the attractiveness of adult D. citri to colored traps. Additionally, we compared the reflectance values of young versus mature flush shoots of the three host plants used in this study as related to densities of D. citri recorded in colored traps. We discussed the importance of visual cues in the host finding behavior of adult D. citri.


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