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The Lower Rio Grande Valley is an area in Texas that consists of the four southern-most counties. This area contains a diverse range of agriculture and land-use including vegetable, row-crop and livestock production. The year-around cool to hot subtropical climate means that green vegetation is continually present, including many crops. Geographically, it shares an international border, making it a region vulnerable to new invasive species and the re-introduction of pests that have been previously eliminated in the United States. These combined factors lead to an array of arthropod pests that may have serious impacts on the crops, animals, and people in the region. This review focuses on arthropod pests that have historically, currently, or have the potential to significantly impact vegetables, row-crops, livestock, and humans in the LRGV. This is not an all-inclusive re-view but aims to focus on many of the arthropods that have been significant in the last 20 years.

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Subtropical Agriculture and Environments



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