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A Duoethnography: Preparing Preservice Teachers To Use Culturally and Linguistically Sustaining Pedagogies

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This duoethnography explored a two-part research question: What impact, if any, does our teaching have on our students’ development of socio-cultural competence? To what extent, if any, can our students design instruction that includes culturally and linguistically sustaining pedagogies (CLSP)? Data sources for this study were us, two university professors, and artifacts created by our students in our undergraduate bilingual education classes. Using an adapted rubric focused on CLSP, the professors explored the preservice teachers’ competence in: (1) addressing academic success, (2) maintaining cultural and linguistic competence, and (3) challenging institutional barriers/status quo. While the preservice teachers displayed some difficulty in the first two areas, they did poorly on the third. Based on results, ideas on how to redesign instruction focused on CLSP for preservice bilingual teachers in educator preparation programs are presented.


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Journal of Bilingual Education Research & Instruction