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As a borderlands’ institution, we are developing a mission and vision for our HSI identity in the college of education, as well as in our university. We envision pedagogical practices embedded in our teacher preparation that are context specific to our bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural community; one that not only prepares PTs to effectively teach all students, but also promotes strong values for equity and social justice. For our Latinx PTs, this aim has two purposes: 1) to tailor our educational practices capitalizing on their unique strengths and addressing possible challenges in their professional development, and 2) preparing them to successfully promote their students’ academic achievement through rigorous, culturally appropriate and sustainable practices (Paris, 2012). We draw on a growing body of seminal work in Latinx teacher preparation to theorize a set of border pedagogies for our context. These represent specific pedagogies that foster the development of Latinx teachers who are knowledgeable of the appropriate teaching practices for all types of students. Furthermore, we pursue practices that can help our students develop into advocates for social justice, aware of the many social and political forces impacting the schools where they will serve. These specific practices should take into consideration the specific cultural and professional identities of our preservice teachers. As a special interest research group within our college, aiming to develop an HSI identity that is context-based, we engaged in a meta-synthesis of professional literature that includes empirical research and theoretical work about the preparation of Latinx PTs in our border region. We foresee the application of these pedagogies for other regions where Latinx PTs can benefit; and envision furthering our research in the future, to explore metaphorical borders, including Latinx PTs’ hybrid transcultural identities outside our geographical border.


This is an Accepted Manuscript of a book chapter published by Routledge in Teacher Education at Hispanic-Serving Institutions on February, 2020, available online:

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Teacher Education at Hispanic-Serving Institutions





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