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This edited volume includes the contributions of a respected community of scholars, many well-known figures in the field of bilingual education. The book presents a comprehensive and interdisciplinary examination of dual language (DL) education, an additive bilingual education approach for English language learners, currently identified as emergent bilinguals (EBs). Although the focus of this volume is on DL and the bilingual education context in the state of Texas, and particularly along the US–Mexico border, it nevertheless provides information for principals, teachers and teacher preparation programs with implications that are relevant for other states within the US. Written in three parts, it presents a comprehensive analysis of DL education considering the academic, sociocultural, political and economic aspects of language policy. The authors set the stage in the first chapters by introducing the reader to the many challenges faced by the Mexican American and immigrant communities related to education along the US–Mexico border. Through the lens of Latinx Critical Race theory as the framework for analysis, it details the multiple inequities faced by Latinx students, with DL programing representing the most appropriate solution to address these challenges.

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