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Focusing on culturally sustaining literacy practices, I sought to conceptualize the integration of culturally rich literature as inclusionary practices for the reading and literacy development of Latinx bilingual learners. It is forecasted that by 2036, Latinx students will make up a third of the nation’s 3 to 17 year old learners - our school age population (US Census Bureau, 2010). Recognizing the importance of engaging with culturally sustaining read alouds and the value in learners seeing themselves reflected in the stories allows for increased opportunities for engagement in the literature used in the read alouds. I steadfastly advocate for asset-based perspectives that validate and respect students’ funds of knowledge and cultural capital and use this to counter deficit perspectives and discriminatory narratives. I capitalize on the importance of embracing the power of culturally relevant literacy practices, including read alouds to support language and literacy development. Equivalently validating cultural identity by recognizing the power anchored in our culture that harnesses contextualized spaces which are grounded in culturally relevant literature and pedagogical practices to catapult Latinx bilingual learners as global scholars.


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