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Given the present demands for teacher accountability, it is imperative that teacher preparation programs prepare teachers by developing their ability to reflect deeply about their practices and to seek better approaches in instruction. Action research offers a possible means of promoting critical reflectivity prior to graduation. However, undergraduates have not yet been exposed to the ways of research to make their inquiries systematic and their conclusions reliable and valid. As proponents of the development of teachers who are reflective practitioners, we had two purposes for embarking on this research project: 1. to engage in our own action research to develop instructional practices that promote a reflective stance and a readiness for self inquiry in our pre-service teachers, as they seek to address issues of theory and practice; and 2. to discover the extent to which conducting action research using Web-based tools (i.e.,Electronic Learning Communities and Web CT) impacts reflective thinking practices of full-time student teachers in a university teacher preparation program.

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Proceedings of SITE 2007--Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference



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