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There is a need to amplify the voices of English language learners through authentic language and literacy learning using a multifaceted culturally relevant and responsive teaching and learning framework that encompasses social justice. Specifically, framing the chapter through the lens of the sociocultural theory to better recognize, acknowledge, and understand the influence of culturally relevant learning. Culture plays a crucial role in forming identity and agency, so we must rethink the effect of culturally relevant pedagogy by linking principles of learning to the cultural realities of children, families, and communities on literacy. English language learners require more empowering and engaging pedagogy that actively involves them in learning experiences while developing self-efficacy through varied opportunities for academic and linguistic proficiency development to further support them as global scholars. As such, parallels exist in literacy development across diverse people and cultures, specifically the Mexican American culture and the Native Hawaiian culture.


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Handbook of Research on Engaging Immigrant Families and Promoting Academic Success for English Language Learners





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