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Analyzing reading scores of elementary Latinx bilingual learners in a one-way dual language education program

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Our nation is characterized by diversity in languages, ethnicities, nationalities, and cultures with projected increases in English learners attending U.S. schools. Consequently, it is imperative that we recognize how to maximize the academic and linguistic assets of our English learner student population. This study compared the performance on the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) Reading between bilingual learners in a one-way dual language program compared to the average scale scores of English learners in Texas. Data points taken in three different grade levels from the same group of bilingual learners result in positive long-term outcomes of bilingual learners by fifth grade. Data analysis revealed that the percentage of bilingual learners participating in the study scored above the Texas English learners’ average score, and this increased exponentially through the grade levels, reaching 64% in the STAAR English reading assessment. This supports that students in dual-language education programs learning English as a second language can develop English while maintaining and fostering their native language. This study contributes to empirical studies focused on the research-authenticated benefits of Latinx bilingual learners’ participation in one-way dual-language education programs.


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NABE Journal of Research and Practice