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The Effect of U.S. Curricular Ideologies on Mexican Transnational Pre-service English Language Teachers

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Educational systems promote ideologies that perpetuate the hegemony of dominant groups (Apple, Ideology and curriculum (3rd ed.). New York/London: Routledge Farmer, 2004). In this regard, Mexican transnationals—or Mexican-origin individuals who attended U.S. schools before returning to Mexico—are exposed to the dominant ideologies of the United States during their educational development. In this chapter, I explore how ideologies embedded in U.S. education impact Mexican transnational returnees (n=24) pursuing a degree in English Language Teaching in Mexican public universities. Results suggested that exposure to U.S. formal education impacts the ideological orientation of transnational pre-service language teachers. This chapter helps understand the difficulty for transnational pre-service English language teachers to (re)adapt into the Mexican education system, which is depicted as one with a rigid anti-U.S. inclination, particularly in central Mexico (Alcántara-Hewitt, Migration and schooling: The case of transnational students in Puebla, Mexico (Publication No. 3599860) (Doctoral dissertation), New York University. Pro-Quest LLC, 2013).


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Mobility of Knowledge, Practice and Pedagogy in TESOL Teacher Education