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A Planning Tool for Improving Interactive Read-Alouds: Why and How

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Interactive read-alouds are versatile in that teachers can teach an array of literacy skills through this instructional strategy. However, our observations of six primary grade teachers and prior research revealed that teachers' implementation of interactive read-alouds varies. Without the necessary planning and preparation for interactive read-alouds, the richness of this instructional strategy is limited. In this article, we present a planning tool for interactive read-alouds that teachers can readily adapt for use in their classrooms. We also offer three recommendations. Together the planning tool and recommendations are specific enough to provide guidance yet flexible enough for teachers to modify to meet the learning goals of their specific students. Improving this instructional practice will ensure that all students benefit from the interactive read-alouds and grow in their phonological and phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension.


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The Reading Teacher