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Outsider Transplants at a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI): Teacher Educators Enacting an Ethic of Care

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Applying an ethic of care as a theoretical framework to inform our work, the authors engaged in a collective biography writing process to explore caring within the context of the teaching-learning relationship. The following paper provides glimpses into intentional teaching enactments of caring and our experiences with our students’ reciprocity. The enactment of care could greatly enhance the teaching and learning experiences of teacher educators, preservice teacher candidates in teacher preparation programs, and ultimately the students in their future classrooms. Reflecting on and examining our own diverse experiences and perspectives, our other-ness and insider-outsider status, informs our decisions for how we develop our teaching-learning relationships. Analyzing and sharing our decisions in how we practice the art and science of teaching future teachers, viewing our craft through the lens of an ethic of care, helps us develop intentionality and a richer repertoire of purposeful instructional tools.


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