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Spring 2017


The purpose of this conceptual thought paper is to argue for critical digital literacies instruction for all students, particularly students from marginalized populations. In this paper, the lived experiences of Black adolescent female avid readers were analyzed because of the complex nature of their discrimination due to their race and gender. Research questions included: What are the technologies and practices used by Black adolescent female avid readers? How and why do they use them? What are the implications for educators? To answer these questions, the voices of Black adolescent female readers from this author’s previous study were used to explore the method of critical literacy and the medium of digital literacies from their lived literate experiences. Concurrent instruction or critical digital literacies instruction could improve students’ reading experiences and amplify the voices of marginalized groups such as the Black adolescent females with the greater digital world on the social ills they witness in books and in life.

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Journal of Literacy and Technology



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