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There is an increasing awareness on the major benefits of using soil-geosynthetic composite (SGC) to achieve and maintain the stability of earth-filled embankment. Unlike the mechanically stabilized earth wall, the mechanism of the composite mass is still not fully understood. For examples, current analyses have been limited to an SGC mass with a reinforcement spacing Sv of 0.2 m only; the combined effect of reinforcement and backfill properties is rarely studied; the equation for the estimation of the load-carrying capacity of the SGC mass has only been validated for backfill with maximum particle size dmax between 10 mm and 33 mm and an Sv/dmax ratio between 6 and 20. The consequences of backfill compaction on an SGC mass with different reinforcement spacings are yet to be validated and whether the load-carrying capacity equation would still be applicable for materials with properties falling outside the above ranges. Through the simulation and validation of a field scale SGC mass, this study aims to assess the influence of various reinforcement and backfill parameters on the mechanical responses of a large-scale experimental SGC mass under its working load and failure conditions; the results are presented in terms of the wrapped face lateral displacement, reinforcement axial strain, and load-carrying capacity.


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