Lateral Movement of Pile Group Due to Excavation and Construction Loads (Case Study)

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This paper presents a numerical method for analyzing the behavior of pile groups under construction of installing piles and excavating conditions. The numerical modeling and the measured data from construction sites were used for analysis. In the case study, the results of the lateral movement of piles from numerical analyses are in good agreement with the measured data, with differences of around 7.2% and 1.6%. Each incidence and whole construction process were modeled to determine the effects of excavation and equipment loadings for installing piles on the lateral movement of piles and surrounding soil. With the improper construction procedures, the piles can be easily damaged during construction. To mitigate pile damages due to construction, a proposed construction procedure is presented in this study and recommended for use. With the proposed procedure, the lateral movement of pile groups can be greatly reduced by at least 80% and the pile damages will be eliminated.

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Tạp chí KHCN Xây dựng