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Increasing urbanization, water intake, and human water interaction of drainage canals of the Hidalgo County watershed seals the drainage basin and expands floodplains along the canal-side. Incremental use of drainage systems affects the amounts of nutrients that can cause an exposure to residues of agriculture chemicals, water related parasitic diseases, and fecal diseases. Proper water quality management is crucial for pollutant transport detection, estimation of non-point source discharge, and prediction of pollutant discharge at water endpoints. This research seeks to improve the understanding stormwater quality and quantity that is influenced by the frequency of human-water contacts and associated with treatment disposal of drainage water. This study developed one-dimensional water quality transport numerical analysis model, where a stable hydraulic analysis is moderated by fixed weirs as internal boundary conditions to reflect low flow conditions and are then used to construct a water quality analysis model. It estimates changes in temperature, nutrient transport, and flow effects of North Hidalgo County drainage canals. Model simulation results were compared to monthly measurements, an energy budget, nutrient concentration, and flow regime for each stream reach. Project results characterize energy exchange processes at the stream surface and their effect on nutrient biology and transportation. Understanding the physical processes of the canal systems will provide managers with improved information to sustainably manage these ecological complex systems.


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License

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International Journal of Civil and Structural Engineering Research



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