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This paper studies the use of a new Tuned Mass Multi-Sliding Friction Damper (TMMSFD) to increase the damping capacity of seismic isolators installed on a two-story base-isolated building to limit their lateral deformations. The proposed TMMSFD consists of a set of several masses that are laterally attached to the superstructure floor through linear springs. These masses are placed on top of each other one by one and are allowed to slide with respect to each other during the earthquake. The bottom mass that carries the weight of upper masses is in contact with the superstructure floor. The damping of system is supplied by the friction generated along the sliding friction surfaces. The TMMSFD has a low cost of installation, operation, and maintenance compared to common TMDs that use viscous fluid dampers for energy dissipation. The mechanical model of TMMSFD is installed on the numerical model of a two-story base-isolated building equipped with elastomeric rubber bearings in order to evaluate its performance in limiting the displacement of base floor. These models are created by the OpenSEESPy package which is a Python 3 interpreter of OpenSEES. A parametric study is performed to obtain the optimum design parameters of the TMMSFD including its total mass, frequency, and static friction coefficients of the siding surfaces for energy dissipation. The results of time-history analysis of numerical model show that the TMMSFD is capable of limiting the displacement of base floor with a little amount of friction implying its potential as a cost-effective tool for seismic protection.


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Proceedings Volume 12483, Active and Passive Smart Structures and Integrated Systems XVII




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