Towards a More Sustainable Approach to Evaluate Brownfields

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With the foreseeable increase in urban sprawl and tightening needs of growing cities for infrastructure, community improvement and expansion, Brownfields remediation can be a viable option and a sustainable solution for satisfying such needs. Previous research has talked about the different methods used for remediating Brownfields, the differences between successful and unsuccessful brownfield sites, Brownfield’s regeneration, and the successful factors linked to the regeneration. However, with the underlying problems of hazardous contaminants and waste accumulated in Brownfield sites throughout their operational life cycles, it is essential to prioritize the remediation process of Brownfield sites based on the time, cost, and efforts needed while maximizing the environmental, economic, and social aspects of sustainability. This study presents a framework for a systematic approach to assess and prioritize the Brownfields considered for remediation with respect to the three dimensions of sustainability. The framework utilizes the analytical hierarchy process (AHP) to compare the decision criteria and their attributes and evaluate the Brownfield candidate sites. The framework provides the decision-makers with the flexibility of changing weights, as well as adding or omitting different decision parameters. Brownfield sites assessed with the proposed tool will be represented by a single score reflecting the remediation effort required for that specific site.


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Proceedings of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering Annual Conference 2021