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Cement heat of hydration (HH) can be problematic especially in mass concrete structures as it causes thermal stresses that can lead to failure. Previous and current research has focused on minimizing the HH and mitigating its effects. The methods currently used for treating the HH in mass concreting varies between using: adding supplementary material to concrete, precooling of aggregates and mixing water, post-cooling of concrete, insulation of concrete members, and placement of concrete in thin lifts. These methods result in adding more cost and time to the construction project. This research sheds the light on a new approach in treating the cement HH. The paper presents initial experimentations conducted to dissipate the HH from the body of a concrete structure and convert it to electricity. This research should prove useful in laying the foundation for the development of more sustainable construction methods for mass concreting.


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Proceedings of the Creative Construction Conference 2018





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