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Within cold U.S. regions, winter storms can cause interruptions in transportation networks, affecting transportation entities’ revenue streams. Conventional snow-removal methods on roadways efficiently remove snow and ice, yet their adverse environmental impacts further make winter maintenance more challenging. In response to these concerns, electrically conductive cement concrete (ECCC) pavement has become an effective alternative for deicing and snow melting on road surfaces. ECCC utilizes the Joule heating principles to effectively melt snow and ice by incorporating conductive elements into conventional concrete. This paper comprehensively reviews the current literature on ECCC pavement. Previous studies have diligently explored various aspects of ECCC pavement, including concrete conductivity enhancement, heat transfer processes, and meticulous performance assessments, ranging from controlled laboratory scale experiments to small-scale field evaluations. The conclusions drawn from these investigations highlight the potential of ECCC pavement to considerably enhance winter road maintenance, consequently improving road safety and minimizing traffic interruptions during winter storms. The present review emphasizes ECCC pavement as a promising paradigm for effectively addressing the complexities associated with winter road maintenance in colder regions. Moreover, its environmentally friendly deicing capabilities present a sustainable departure from conventional methodologies. However, certain limitations currently impede widespread adoption of ECCC pavement, mainly concerning optimizing cost-effective construction techniques, ensuring long-lasting durability, and enhancing energy efficiency. Addressing these limitations could accelerate the broader adoption of ECCC pavement, promoting safer and more sustainable winter transportation practices.


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