Distributed Solar Generation: Data Analytics of the Existing Literature for Guiding Future Prospects

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Distributed solar generation (DSG) systems are small-scale units that are located at or near end-consumers such as residential rooftop photo-voltaic (PV) systems. DSG has driven a plethora of multidisciplinary research with various interrelated topics and perspectives. A broad understanding of research directions and potential gaps in knowledge can be elusive. Accordingly, the goal of this paper is to investigate the research trends related to DSG and explore research opportunities. This is achieved by performing a data-driven keyword search and network analysis on a large dataset of publications related to DSG to quantify topics related to DSG and the interconnectivity between them. The findings show that social equity in the context of DSG may be understudied as it has few publications contrasted with high citation impact and weak interconnectivity to other topics. In addition, the findings show a recent sharp growth in publications related to machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in the context of DSG. Ultimately, the findings in this paper should guide future multidisciplinary research in DSG.



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Construction Research Congress 2024