Interview with Hazel Atwood Baldridge

Interview with Hazel Atwood Baldridge


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Supporting oral interview conducted for the Atwood acres: a porción of Edinburg publication.


An interview with Atwood family members that explores the Atwood family history. The interview with Mrs. Hazel Atwood Baldridge concerned general questions about family and living on the Atwood property, land use, irrigation, water wells, weather, living in Mexico, oil and gas wells, farm labor, and the City of Edinburg. During this interview—20 September 2013—Hazel Atwood shared her knowledge on ranching and cultivation. Mrs. Atwood talks about her family business and how she ended up moving her business to Mexico, where she still conducts most of it. Finally, she gives insight on the difference of upbringing environment between her generation and her children’s generation. Hazel, the second born of the Atwood children, is the oldest surviving member of her siblings.

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Interview with Hazel Atwood Baldridge


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