Interview with Dixie Setti


Interview with Dixie Setti


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Supporting oral interview conducted for the The Norquest Family: a porción of Edinburg publication.


In this segment, Dixie Setti talks about going to Pan American College. An oral history interview was conducted with one of the members of the Norquest family, which was the main focus for the Rediscovering the Rio Grande Valley course at the University of Texas-Pan American. The interviewee was the fifth born child to Carrol Norquest, and lived most of her life in the Norquest home. The interview took place in her new residence in an apartment close to the Norquest farm. The main theme for the interview dealt with history of the land, the daily life of Dixie Setti and her siblings and the plants and animals which were discussed in great detail. The interviewers were Robin Galloso, Mary Noell, and Maria Vallejo.

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Interview with Dixie Setti


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