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The Houts Farm: a porción of Edinburg

The Houts Farm: a porción of Edinburg


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For nearly a century the Houts and Kaml families contributed to the story of Edinburg and South Texas agriculture. Both the Houts and Kaml families of German descent arrived in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas in the 1920s and participated in the growing agricultural business opportunities in the "Magic Valley." These two families were joined together in marriage in 1955 when Eugene Houts married Marilyn Kaml. Today, the Houts farm is still in business but has diversified to keep up with the changing agricultural environment. This book not only describes progression of their farming family business but has demonstrated that three millennia earlier, their ancestors had left their mark on what is today the Houts farm. It is our sincere hope that this study as well as earlier studies will preserve our region's complex and nuanced story.

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381 Pages, Illustrations, Maps, Photographs, Genealogical tables

The Houts Farm: a porción of Edinburg