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Recent materials science and engineering research focused on defects, dopants, hosts, and morphological structures has resulted in novel cost efficient and sustainable phases with extraordinary properties and performance. Contributing in this direction we have designed dopant and rare earth free white lightemitting zincgallogermanate (ZGG) phosphors in nanosheet (NS) morphology. These ZGG NSs with interlayer and interfacial defects display bright white photoluminescence (PL) with significant quantum yield (QY). Thermal treatment of the as-synthesized ZGG NSs at 750 1C does not degrade their sheet-like morphology while resulting in long persistent luminescence (PerL) with a duration of approximately one hour. Furthermore, to improve the commercial viability of the as-synthesized ZGG NSs, we have assembled them as fine fibers of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) using Forcespinnings technology. The ZGG–PVA fibers displayed efficient white PL with increased quantum yield compared to the as-synthesized ZGG NSs. We believe this technological evolution, transitioning from bulk ZGG to ZGG nanosheets, will lead to dopant-free/rare-earth-free persistent white light emission and an enhancement in QY. This technology will be a boon to the optoelectronic and lighting industries, and will benefit commercial applications in smart textiles, energy efficient lighting, night vision, anti-counterfeiting, traffic signals, and security, among other potential uses.


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