An E. coli 5S rRNA Deletion Mutant Useful for the Study of 5S rRNA Structure/Function Relationships

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We report on the construction of a novel strain of E. coli that can be useful for studies on the structure/function relationship of 5S rRNAs. The bacterial strain is deficient in six of the eight naturally occurring 5S rRNA genes (operons B, D, H, G, E) and demonstrates a greatly reduced growth rate that can be compensated by the plasmid-encoded expression of 5S rRNA. The relatively large difference in growth rate between compensated and non-compensated mutants provides the basis for a quick and simple assaying system for both the evaluation and mass screening of divergent 5S rRNA sequences for function. We describe the construction of the 5S rRNA deletion mutant BDHGE and characterize the usefulness and limitations of the system for evaluating structure/function relationships of 5S rRNA sequence.


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Curr Microbiol