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Here is the first single book to exclusively address this tragic behavior. From the foreword by Dr. Mamoona Muzammil to the final conclusions and recommendations, College Student Suicide serves as both a primer and a state-of-the-art volume on youth suicide in the higher education setting. Experts provide important data on suicide, examine the risk factors for suicide, and explore preventive interventions and the delivery of other necessary services. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people ages 18-24. What is not always captured by this statistic is the strong emotional impact that suicide has on young people who are losing peers, friends, partners, and siblings to suicide and mental health issues. We are in a mental health crisis. There needs to be a change in the way we approach suicide and mental health, particularly on college campuses. But where do we start? I’m Fine: A Student Perspective on Suicide and Mental Health on College Campuses takes an in-depth look into what schools can be doing right now to positively impact the well-being of their students. In this book, the author shares detailed research and insights from nearly 20 leaders across the country who dedicate their lives to preventing suicide and promoting mental health. At its core, I’m Fine helps to decrease stigma, break stereotypes, provide psychoeducation, and increase conversations around mental health, enabling students to answer the question “How are you doing?” with more than a cursory “I’m Fine.” The author provides a framework and solutions to suicide prevention and improved student mental health that university leaders can incorporate on their campuses. This book can change your life, the life of a loved one, and the lives of college students across the world. Suicide is a complex, multifactorial phenomenon that is difficult to understand and accept, affecting a significant and growing number of the world's population. However, it is permeated by taboos and prejudices that lack confidentiality, and discussion. There is a need to demystify misconceptions surrounding the phenomenon and raise awareness about it, enabling the identification of risk factors, provide reception and direct the person to appropriate treatment. Highly valuable reading for the entire college or university community, this major new book is particularly recommended for college and university faculty and administrators, residence hall directors, residence assistants, health center staff, parents of college students, and students themselves.



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