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In this chapter it is argued that school violence and its potential in K-12 schools cannot be dealt with by simply removing the troublesome/problematic students from classrooms and/or school grounds. The expelling, suspending, incarcerating, or placing of a juvenile in an alternative school setting may only increase their anger against their former school and teachers. An anger which may continue to grow throughout their lives. Moreover, there is a growing trend of students who have failed to achieve in life returning to their former school and committing acts of violence. The author focuses on two types of these perpetrators. First, associated and/or mentally ill perpetrators who target a school of which they have negative past or current involvement, and, second, non-associated and/or mentally ill perpetrators who target a school of which they had no direct past or current involvement but instead see the school as a “symbol of innocence” or something missing in their lives.


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Critical Examinations of School Violence and Disturbance in K-12 Education





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