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In the last few decades researchers have attempted to determine correlates for school violence. While the number of extreme incidents of school violence remains relatively small, extreme incidents cause the most concern for parents, teachers, law enforcement, and educational administrators. In addition to the fear these types of events cause, they also bring about a great deal of debate regarding proper responses. Some feel that stringent zero tolerance policies are the answer, while others argue for more gun control in society. Some feel that increased counseling and service to young people is the answer, while others argue for the increased use of school expulsion and the building of more juvenile correctional facilities. This article gives an overview of comments made by 28 currently incarcerated school violence perpetrators as to their views on the causes of school violence in America. This research provides extremely candid and unique information that is gathered through direct interviews and participation in a questionnaire. In addition, many of those interviews freely offered insights as to their own involvement in incidents of school violence.


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Journal of the Institute of Justice & International Studies



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