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Fall 2017


This article resulted as part of a comprehensive and on-going research project investigating the causes ofK-12 school violence and disturbance in America. Gang related school violence perpetrators are defined as those who were identified (i.e., self.. identification and/or law enforcement identification) involved in the "gang lifestyle" and committed their acts of violence as part of such lifestyle on school grounds or at school ·functions.· This article is a summary of the findings in regard to this type of offender. "It is extremely interesting that this type of offender seems not to suffer from many of the issues ( e.g., mental health problems, child abuse, and low self-esteem) that other types of school violence perpetrators ( e.g., traditional type offenders) do in regards to views of self and others. Moreover, they appear often to be the type of school violence offender who is most worried about the consequences of their actions upon innocent bystanders and their own lovedones.


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Journal of Gang Research



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