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This presentation describes the process and difficulties of developing a collaborative working relationship with Stephen C. Stanko, a man currently serving two death sentences in South Carolina for the murders of two people and the sexual assault and attempted murder of a third. Mr. Stanko and Dr. Gordon Crews first worked together on a book from 2000-2004 when Stanko was serving a 10-year sentence for kidnapping and assault with intent to kill. In April 2005, only 8 months after Stanko was released from that sentence, he committed the crimes for which he is currently facing death. Since then, the Crews’ have been working with Stanko on several writing projects related to the realities of institutional corrections, in general, and death row, in particular. We discuss the logistical and practical problems related to working with a death row prisoner, as well as potential ethical dilemmas that we may face in the future.


The presentation was delivered during the Southern Criminal Justice Association Conference: Using Criminal Justice to Transform Social Problems Into Social Solutions which took place from September 21-24, 2011, in Nashville, Tennessee.

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