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The purpose of this presentation is to examine the growing problem of "Preppie Gangs" in America. Involved youngsters generally come from the affluent upper class and participate in activities similar to traditional gang members. However, they tend to operate in a much safer environment than traditional street gangs and are predominantly "rich white kids". This paper will examine how these groups are currently manifesting themselves as Delinquent Gangs (Mimicking Other Street Gangs), Ideological Gangs (Specific Ideology or Belief System), or Occultic Gangs (Alternative Belief System Connections). Finally the unique issues of activities, causes, and solutions will be discussed .


Presented as part of a session called: Gangs: An Ever Changing Phenomenon. The presentation was delivered during the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Annual Meeting which took place from April 3-7, 2001 in Washington, D.C.