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A Jello Shot is an alcoholic beverage consisting of liquor incorporated into sweetened gelatin dessert and chilled in a small container. Given the various kinds of gelatin and liquor on the market, the types of Jello Shots are almost unlimited. Since the mid-1950s, people have developed their own recipes and personalized their production in various ways through the use of colors and chilling molds. Many do not view these as actual “alcoholic beverages” given the addition of what they have come to know as a sweet desert. A significant problem is that when people have this view then they often do not have an appreciation of the potential negative effects and dangers of over indulgence. There is also the issue of underage consumption and ease of “concealment”. For most observing a young person eating a bowl of jello is of no concern. But, this particular bowl of jello may contain an extremely dangerious level of alcohol given that most Jello Shots are made with 190 proof pure grain alcohol.


This is an Accepted Manuscript of a book chapter published by SAGE in The SAGE Encyclopedia of Alcohol.

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The SAGE encyclopedia of alcohol: Social, cultural, and historical perspectives.



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