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The year 2020 will forever be known as the year of the COVID-19 pandemic which has affected the entire population in one way or another. What began in January 2020 still has the world population firmly in its grip a year later. The students’ responses, in their own words, to changes in living, daily `routines, and health fears can be seen in the following paper. In this article, the responses of students in several undergraduate classes at a Hispanic serving institution in south Texas were collected and synthesized. The 155 responses were divided into seven frequently observed and repeated themes: jobs and job related, school and courses, routine, family, positivity, infection and stress. Findings for this second half of 2020 period differ from those collected during the first half of 2020 (Blankenship & Jones, 2020) in that two new themes (infection and stress) were added, and two themes (graduation and shopping/groceries) were deleted from the mix. Teaching professionals must be mindful to continue providing added support to assist students as they navigate this changing time.

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