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To explore the ways in which modern Chinese and Americans express their disagreement in intercultural communication and to reveal the reasons for their usage from the perspectives of sociolinguistics and persuasive communication and with the rapport management as the theoretical framework, this paper focuses on the discourse analysis of implicit disagreement expressions between 11 pairs of Chinese and American college students. The analysis of the four-month communication corpus reveals that Chinese and American students tend to use implicit disagreement when they disagree with each other and there are more similarities than differences in the usage of implicit disagreement. The reasons are related to their respective cultures and globalization. In addition, students use more implicit disagreement in the latter stage of their communication since these students are attending the course Intercultural Communication while interacting with each other. Last but not the least, the study suggests that the learning mode of pairing up Chinese-American students seem to be able to greatly promote their intercultural communication competence.


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2nd International Conference on Language, Communication and Culture Studies (ICLCCS 2021)



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