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In the digital age, the amount of information and sources concerning Medical Tourism is overwhelming. Knowledge is power in an era of healthcare uncertainty. As health care options have grown in global proportions, it has become more difficult for potential patients to locate the material necessary to make informed decisions or to even know which factors to consider during their information search. Individual financial circumstances vary greatly. This paper suggests how medical tourism makes financial sense for many patients and payers. Proximity and culture play roles in that medical tourists may prefer locations that are not too far from home. Or at least don’t seem quite so far because of the cultural similarities such as language and food. Medical tourists want to know that they are safe not only concerning medical care but also in their travels. Legal issues are also an important consideration as medical tourists may forego some of the rights they take for granted in the U.S. Information on medical tourism is available from government sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and accrediting organizations including the Joint Commission International. Additional organizations to include the Medical Tourism Association exist for the purpose of guiding would-be medical tourists through the process.

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Quarterly Review of Business Disciplines



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