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The content of this book was also intended to be used as a starting place for families to sort out and make sense of their experiences with self, life, other people, and society following disability. I believe this to be very important because the process of figuring out what to do following disability is often murky and extremely vague. It is my hope that readers can take the information provided and apply it to situations of childhood disability (e.g., congenital conditions), acquired disability (e.g., later onset such as TBI, SCI), or age-related disability (e.g., dementia, Alzheimer’s disease), although the specific situations and needs (in some cases) may differ. It is my hope, though, that this book can be used in a “general” informative sense from which families can check out their experiences to see which ones are similar and applicable and which ones are not. Because the experience of living with a disability and being associated with it are very individualized, it is entirely possible for family members to have different perceptions and experiences than some of those provided.

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