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The sections and skills presented in this book are a compilation of areas sometimes discussed throughout the disability literature as factors thought to be associated with adjustment, coping, and resiliency combined with my personal experience of learning how to deal with and overcome various situations. This book is broken down into 10 areas that are often discussed in relation to adjustment, coping, and resiliency. Within each section are the various “skills” I have used or further refined out of necessity when living with a visible condition. Most of these skills I have learned to use and incorporate as a regular part of my life and majority of them I continue to use today. Because of my life experiences, I firmly believe in the power and utility of having many coping skills and resources. I say this primarily due to the fact that on occasion, the “usual” way of dealing and moving past some event does not work. When this happens, I have learned I must be willing to once again, develop a new skill so that I am resilient enough to move past the obstacles I find myself faced with.

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Reflections & Lessons For Better Living

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