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Women in the workplace is not a new concept, particularly given the fact they constitute about half of the workforce in many countries. Despite their increased presence, women continue to be challenged in their ability to advance within the workplace or, in some instances, acquire solid, well-paying, meaningful positions. Reasons for this are varied. Women continue to find themselves charged with the responsibility of maintaining their home and raising their children while also being a part of the workforce; thus, causing them to consider a non-linear career or employment path. Others may not have been raised or encouraged from a young age or throughout their development to want and to pursue a career. Related to this point is the notion that families, educators (i.e., classroom teachers, guidance counselors), and employers may not have the same level of expectations of females compared to their male counterparts. Whatever the reason(s), a single message is promoted: "Women are not properly encouraged throughout society to consider and strive for the best occupation possible."

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