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Resilience is an area of emerging interest among counselors, psychologists, and allied helping professionals. Much of this has occurred due to the advent of the Positive Psychology Movement. Despite this recent surge of interest, rehabilitation counseling has been well acquainted with factors and skills related to positive coping and adjustment among persons with disabilities. Yet, a recent survey conducted by the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC) found that rehabilitation counselors reported an interest in learning about skills and techniques related to resilience. For this reason the author was asked to develop an on-line course for CRCC pertaining to resilience and resilience-cultivation; one in which counselors and allied helping professionals could simultaneously earn continuing education credits. The following article gives professionals an overview of this course; one they can access to improve their knowledge and comfort with resilience and resilience cultivation as a part of the counseling and the rehabilitation process.

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Rehabilitation Counselors and Educators Journal

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