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Spirituality is personal and is an individualized journey. For some, it is connected to religious beliefs and practices (i.e., Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism). For others, spirituality is not and may be about personal learning, insight, and transformation. Still others may view spirituality as a part one’s cultural heritage and ethnic background. While some people believe in God or a Higher Being, others do not. When hurt and trauma occur, the situation often becomes more complex because peoples’ beliefs and values are challenged and brought into question. Some may “fall away” from their beliefs or “upbringing” and feel that they have been let down or not protected. People often discover that their previous world views and understanding of life has been shattered or somehow altered. As a result, many may not know where to go or what to do; thus, people respond by suppressing or forcing themselves to move on so they can separate themselves from the hurt and pain experienced (i.e., emotional, mental, physical). While some may find a way to do so, others never really process or work through it and are left with some form of repressed or buried hurt. Personal issues not adequately addressed have a tendency to resurface or manifest in people’s lives and often in unexpected ways. When this happens, people may seek counseling or some form of external support to help them work through these; yet, some people need an alternative approach to help them access and process what they think, feel, and experience. Spiritual Transformative Psychotherapy: Repairing Spiritual Damage and Facilitating Extreme Well-being is a book written to help counselors, psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and allied helping professionals learn and use such an approach. The approach introduced and explained is a method referred to as Emotional Transformative Therapy (ETT). Interspersed throughout are a number of case studies and real life examples to help illustrate personal and spiritual transformations experienced by those who underwent ETT.


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