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The author of this book is one such individual. Ms. Grindrod witnessed the Holocaust from an early age, saw and experienced the devastating effects of it firsthand. Grindrod opens the book with a synopsis of her time and experiences as a master’s student in a guidance and counseling program. During this portion of her life, she is afforded an opportunity to explore and write about her own (a) personal and life development; (b) familial experiences growing up and those that occurred during the Holocaust; (c) testimonial witnessing to mass starvation amongst people she knew; and (d) stark observations of friends, loved ones, and strangers being brutally beaten, marched to prison camps, or murdered by German soldiers, just to name a few. Throughout this portion of the book she weaves stories and experiences into the fabric and landscape of the class assignment she was asked to complete. Personal insight and growth exercises are not uncommon in many counseling and psychology programs, as a key component instilled throughout is to know and understand thyself, for it is through this unearthing process that professionals can learn to truly know themselves so they can address and work through any buried pain. Another key component of insight exercises is helping professionals experience themselves, their life, and developmental experiences in such a way that they can move past them and, hopefully, become the type of professional who can assist others they encounter who are having a difficult time in life or in moving past some challenging trauma or situation.

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